Grace Snuggs

Grace Snuggs studies Biology at the University of Georgia and focuses on medical care for  survivors of trafficking, refugees, and other peoples in need. At GroundBreakers, Grace is working with change makers around the world who promote refugee resettlement and raise human trafficking awareness.

  • Nia Harris

    Nia Harris

    Director of Human Migration

  • Mary Anne Roach

    Mary Anne Roach

    Director of Global Public Health

  • Grace Snuggs

    Grace Snuggs

    Social Impact Fellow

  • Melissa Ge

    Melissa Ge

    Social Impact Fellow

  • Annie Xue

    Annie Xue


  • Sebastian de Beurs

    Sebastian de Beurs

    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • Rara Reines

    Rara Reines

    Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

  • Archie Fraser

    Archie Fraser

    Audio Engineer

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